Consultation and Examination


Your first visit to the clinic will start with a consultation about your symptoms, taking a detailed case history of your presenting complaint and medical health. Following this, a specific thorough physical examination will be taken to assess the cause of your problem.


After a working diagnosis has been established, our chiropractor will explain to you their findings and advise on a suggested treatment plan tailored for your condition. We always aim to get you better in as few treatments as possible, though the frequency of your treatment will depend on your presenting condition.


If following your examination we don’t think chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition, we will advise you on possible alternative therapies that may be better suited to your condition. In some cases we may need to refer you to your GP.




Your first treatment will usually begin after your written consent is given. On occasion, further information may be needed before treatment begins such as MRI/CT or x-rays. Any imaging will only be requested where clinically justified, in line with current legislation and guidelines.


Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific manipulation to free joints in the spine and extremities. Most often, this requires a short thrust to a joint that can result in an audible 'pop' or cavitation. The 'pop' is simply the sound of bubbles of gas (Oxygen and Nitrogen) popping around the fluid of the joint as the pressure is released. Immediate relief of

symptoms and increased joint range of motion usually follows.


You will be informed when necessary about exercises and lifestyle changes you can implement in order to help yourself.