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Student Treatment <16 yr


Student Treatment >16 yr


Pre-Payment Chiropractic Programs*

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New patient (1st treatment / 60 Minutes)


Subsequent Treatments (60 Minutes)


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New patient (1st treatment / 60 Minutes)


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*Pre-Payment Chiropractic Program Terms and Conditions*

Packages sold at the clinic are to be used by 1 nominated patient.

If you do not wish to use all the treatments in your package and require a refund, the clinic reserves the right to charge the full price treatment price for treatments already used from the package and refund the difference accordingly. The full price treatment is stated on the price list on the reception desk and above.

We respectfully request 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. If you don’t attend your appointment without notifying us 24 hours in advance, you may be charged a 50% fee .

Additional admin fees apply for invoicing and "out of hours" treatments.