Shoulder Pain


The shoulder is made up of three main joints: the ball and socket joint (glenohumeral joint), the attachment of the shoulder blade to the collarbone (acromioclavicular joint) and the collarbone to the sternum/breastbone (sternoclavicular joint).


The most complex of these joints is the ball and socket joint. In fact its the most complex joint in the body, as is has the most range of movement of any joint and lots of muscular attachments. Therefore it can also be very prone to common injuries from repetitive strain (RSI) of the rotator cuff muscles that control shoulder movement. The tendon attachments of these muscles to bone are also a common site for injury (tendinopathies).


Symptoms of shoulder pain may include headaches, arm or forearm pain and can vary from a dull ache to sharp pain.


At Woodlands Chiropractic Health Centre we specialise in the treatment of extremities, which includes shoulder pain.