Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is estimated to effect 60-80% of us at some time of our lives. (Waddel. G, et al, 2010)


In the UK, back problems are currently the leading cause of disability. Back pain is just as common with people in their 20s as it is in their 50s. £50 million is spent on back pain in the UK each year (NHS treatments, disability, benefits and sickness absence) (National Back Pain Survey 2014).


Possible causes of lower back pain include lifting incorrectly or ergonomic factors, such as sitting incorrectly at your desk. Symptoms may also be coming from an unresolved knee or ankle issue and can vary from mild stiffness and dull ache to sciatica (leg pain).


A detailed medical/case history and examination will be taken by your chiropractor to determine the cause of your pain and design a suitable treatment plan. Chiropractic spinal manipulation is very effective in reducing both acute and chronic lower back pain. (Bronfort et al, 2010).