The safety of both our patients and your clinician is of paramount importance. 

Please read and follow our Covid-19 practice policy:

  • Patients and clinicians will be required to wear a mask at all times whilst in clinic. A strict policy of: No mask = No appointment! will be implemented. Please bring your own if you have one. If not we will provide you with one. (Please note we only have a limited supply). You will also see your clinician wearing full PPE of disposable apron, mask and gloves. This is the required level for patient contact in our setting.

  • Patients and clinicians will be required to sanitise their hands in the treatment room or the reception area prior to treatment.  

  • Please leave as many accessory items in the car as you are able to. This includes bags, jewellery & large jackets etc. The less there is on you, the less chance there is of contamination.

  • Please ring the doorbell to let reception know you have arrived then wait outside or in your car until our reception staff ask for you and then take your temperature. Only one patient is allowed in the reception area at any one time. This should only be to pay or make another booking. All chairs in the waiting area have been removed to limit surface contamination. Friends and family will be asked to wait in the car (unless treating a minor, in which case their legal guardian can be present).

  • All treatment rooms including door handles, treatment tables and patient chairs will be thoroughly cleaned between each patient visit. We apologise as on occasion this may mean a longer wait between appointments.

  • Please note: We prefer if you could use card transaction due to infection control. Although if you have to pay with cash then we can easily spray clean the money. 

  • If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms of Covid-19 please reschedule your appointment; cough, fever (above 38°), Loss of taste and smell, sore throat, extreme fatigue/ tiredness. Also if you have been exposed to anyone with suspected or diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 14 days; Worked or attended a clinic facility/ hospital treating Covid-19 patients. Free phone consultations and support are available for these patients. 


Please feel free to contact the practice you have any queries. Let's all stay safe.

Dr Giles Muller MChiro, D.C, LRCC, C.C.E.P
Practice owner
Woodlands Chiropractic Health Centre
01423 819555